Brainstorm – in an environment without unnecessary attention thieves/distractions, cerebral hemispheres synchronise and perceive conceptions and complex information much better. The effect is further enhanced by the sensation of balance in complete silence.

After the first part of the session, you disconnect your active mind for some time, by completely relaxing. Any topic or idea in this state can be perceived from a completely different perspective — a moment, in which it is irrelevant, whether the mind can conjure up images of people, animals, melodies, associations of colours. You can just look into a single point of light or — quite the contrary — look into an endlessly deep darkness until everything starts unravelling by itself.

This state opens up a more thorough access to the depths of your consciousness when the sensory abilities activate. Such pause of the mind often completely changes your view of the ideas, concepts, or the totality of those things generated/created during the first session of brainstorming.